This is the Family Tree Hunters Privacy Policy. Your privacy is important to us, and we want to make sure you understand how and why we handle certain types of information related to your visits to our site.


We welcome comments on any of the articles on Family Tree Hunters, but we do require you to enter an email address when you comment. The reason we do this is to discourage the practice of “trolling,” in which anonymous posters make insulting or offensive comments in an attempt to disrupt the discussion. As publishers of Family Tree Hunters, we reserve the right to refuse to publish comments made using an email address that we determine to be fraudulent, or to delete them after the fact.

Other than this, we don’t ask for any personal information about you.

Information We Collect

When you visit nearly any site on the Internet, you generate information about your activity there. Family Tree Hunters is no exception. We collect certain kinds of information, and third parties we partner with collect other information.

The Family Tree Hunters site uses Google Analytics to gather information about people who come to visit us. None of the information we gather for our own use is about you personally; we don’t know who you are when you visit. We want to know (at an aggregate level) how many people are coming here, where on the Internet they’re coming from and where they’re going to. We want to know what articles they’re reading and how they’re making their way through our site. We’re also interested in knowing whether they’re using computers, tablets or smartphones, what kinds of operating systems and browsers they’re using and similar information. We hope this information will help us to do a better job of serving you.

Information We Share

Although there may not be any third party advertising on the Family Tree Hunters site at any particular time, our goal is to enter into affiliate partnerships with third party advertisers. Under such a partnership, Family Tree Hunters may be compensated if you choose to click on an advertiser link from our site.  Our affiliate partners may require that we allow them to place small bits of tracking code, called “cookies,” on our site. These cookies could be used to track your Internet browsing behavior, including after you leave Family Tree Hunters.

There are two kinds of cookies, temporary and persistent. Temporary cookies are deleted each time you close your web browser. Persistent ones stay in place even after your close your browser. You can change your browser’s settings to disable cookies, but this may also change the way you experience our site.

This policy is in effect as of April 12, 2017. In the event we need to update the privacy policy, we will do so by posting a notice on the site at least 10 days before the change takes effect.