The Good Cemeterian

Someone sent me this link this week because they know of my love of genealogy and photography and how many hundreds of photos I have taken in cemeteries.

I have always advised people to never use any product stronger than water on a tombstone in order to not harm the monument.  However, I guess I should have added “unless you are a professional.” The man in the video (Andrew Lumish, aka “The Good Cemeterian”) is a professional cleaner. Andrew owns a specialty cleaning company in Florida and spends his weekends cleaning the tombstones of veterans.

I did a little more research on him after viewing the video.  The product he uses is the same one used by the US Department of Veteran Affairs for our national cemeteries and historic structures [source:].  While I am not endorsing any product or company, I do think it is wonderful to see people like Andrew honor veterans in this manner.

You can see it, if you haven’t already. by following this link to the video from Fox 5 Atlanta on Facebook.

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